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Research Project

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Grade 12


presenteeism, work productivity, ward nurses, pandemic


Presenteeism is the state of being present at work despite experiencing interventions, and it is one of the key factors that determine work productivity. Health workers are known to have a high presenteeism prior to the pandemic, however, changes in their presenteeism is inevitable due to the demand for active healthcare workers. This study is conducted to measure the presenteeism of ward nurses to understand how their wellbeing and performance is affected during this pandemic. The mixedmethod approach was utilized; quantitative data was collected from the online survey, and qualitative data from the semi-structured interview were gathered. The Stanford Presenteeism Scale (6) instrument was utilized to measure the presenteeism of the 10 gathered ward nurses. Results show that the perceived presenteeism of the respondents is Slightly High Presenteeism, signifying that the respondents’ ability to focus and accomplish their work is done efficiently despite having health interventions. It can be deemed that nurses generally maintained a high presenteeism at work because they prioritize their responsibilities despite interventions. The different age ranges, 20 - 29 and 50 - 59 years old respondents have slightly high presenteeism, while 30 - 39 and 60 and above is within the average level of presenteeism. This study concludes that the respondents can focus and work efficiently despite having health problems. Utilizing only age groups as a demographic were used. It is recommended that including other demographics can help in understanding the concept of presenteeism further.

First Advisor

Pauline L. Cueno