Date of Completion


Document Type

Research Project

Degree Name

Grade 12


Pandemic, Online Learning Set-up, Attention span, Learning environment, Student Resources, Self-Motivation, Sleep Quality, Level of Concentration, Learning Efficacy, Academic Performance


Since the pandemic began, endless shifts have been made in society. This is in order to compromise with the need for isolation in the times when an incredibly infectious disease is plaguing most countries all over the world. Due to these shifts, the education sector underwent several significant changes to still facilitate learning amidst such dire times. For years, the Philippines and the students under the education sector suffered in getting used to remote classes—modular and online platforms. That is why this research study namely, “Learning Efficiently: Determining the Impact of the Online Learning Set-Up Concerning the Attention Span of Grade 12 Students of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Insitute,” is conducted in order to determine the different factors that affect the attention span of Grade 12 students of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute amidst the implementation of the new learning set up, as well as to recognize the identified determinants that make a significant contribution to the impact of the online learning set-up on students’ attention span.

This study was conducted through the dissemination of survey questionnaires to the aimed participants via Google Forms. The data accumulated by the researchers were then analyzed and interpreted by utilizing different Likert scales such as level of influence, level of confidence, level of difficulty, level of satisfaction, and level of quality. According to the findings of the conducted research, the Learning Environment and Student Resources are two elements that positively influence the respondents. Sleep quality, self-motivation, and concentration levels, on the other hand, were the three factors that had a negative impact on respondents' perceptions concerning the Grade 12 students' attention span. It is followed by Academic Performance and Learning Efficacy, which indicates that a portion of students' attention spans have been significantly impacted negatively. Finally, Academic performance and learning efficacy, were identified by a high percentage of respondents as having a positive influence on them.

First Advisor

Nancy L. Deluta