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Research Project

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Grade 12


patient satisfaction, telehealth, TUQ, COVID-19 pandemic


Telemedicine is the practice of consulting with a healthcare provider by telecommunications, either by telephone, laptop, phones, etc. The concept of a “wireless” connection between a patient and their healthcare provider is greatly needed in times such as today, amidst a pandemic where physical contact risks both patients and healthcare providers. For this study, the TUQ, otherwise known as the Telemedicine Usability Questionnaire, was handed out to be evaluated by respondents. To determine the satisfaction of patients in telemedicine, a total of 100 respondents answered the TUQ, with the results being averaged for their satisfaction rates. Based on the results given, the majority of telemedicine users were at the age range of 41-44, most being females in the lowincome group, employed, and using a laptop for their access to Telemedicine. It also shows that patients who shifted from traditional consultations to telemedicine are satisfied with the current practices given by healthcare providers, with the most desirable component of telemedicine being “Usefulness”, and its least desirable component of telemedicine being “Reliability”. After, conducting study, it is recommended for future researchers to gather a larger number of respondents for their study, widening the scope of the study for a larger variety of respondents and widening the selection of instruments for the study. Also, future researchers should be advised with regards to precision for the data gathering as the raw data itself contains opinions, perceptions, and boundaries that should be kept at a distance and respected by the researchers.

First Advisor

Pauline L. Cueno