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Research Project

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Grade 12


self-efficacy, online learning, COVID-19, student profile


The COVID-19 pandemic impacted every aspect of society. To stop COVID19's spread, many countries have instituted school closures and implemented online learning to curb its growth. This study aims to examine the profile of senior high school students by age, sex, grade level, and academic status; self-efficacy using the Online Learning Self-Efficacy Scale (OLSES); and whether sex and grade level affect online learning. In this study, the responses were evaluated and interpreted using a quantitative descriptive research design. Only 185 of the 273 randomly selected participants, students in grades 11 and 12, took part in the survey. Accordingly, legal-aged (57.3%) and female (67.6%) respondents with a high GPA (93-96%) were greater in number. Most respondents had high selfefficacy in their use of online learning platforms, which helped them adapt to online learning. Legal-age participants indicated greater self-efficacy than minors, and male students exhibited low online learning self-efficacy while females did well. Also, the results show that majority of the respondents have a moderate level of self-efficacy regardless of their age, sex, grade level, and academic status. However, respondents of legal age have a higher level of self-efficacy than the minority. Given these points, future studies should investigate self-efficacy towards online learning in a bigger sample.

First Advisor

Marc Jeffrey Sioco