Date of Completion


Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Grade 12


Adaptation, Psychological, Stress Psychological


The study used a descriptive-correaltional method of research. The study explored the current status of graduating Grade 12 students from De La Salle University-Dasmariñas during academic year 2018-2019 in terms of their demographic profile, determinants of stress, and coping strategies. A total number of 269 participants from all sections of all strands willingly participated as respondents for the study and the data gathered was through the written questionnaires focusing on all three variables made by the researchers. The results reveal that age, sex, and strand are the only significant aspects of the demographic profile of the participants. It is found out that strategies employed by the participants were affected by the strand they selected, however, their other demographic status such as age and sex have no significant effect with their coping strategies. In addition to this, results also implied that both cognitive and perceptual stressors were affected only by the respondent’s sex and age; their strand is found to be insignificant. Furthermore, problem-focused strategies are found to be extremely effective to cope up with both cognitive and perceptual stressors, while emotional stressors are found to be evidently insignificant to any of the coping strategies. Although emotion-focused strategies are still utilized by the participants, it is not seen as the best for any of the suggested psychological stressor. The conclusion points to the outcome of the study which reveals that the better the coping strategies of the participant, the lesser the stress they encounter.

First Advisor

James P. Rapanut