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Research Project

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Grade 12


online class, limited face-to-face, didactic in-class approach, college preparedness


Face-to-face classes, the traditional learning system, were changed to online and modular modalities because of COVID- 19 —to continue the learning of every student. After two years of adjustment, SHS students who began their senior year in online programs graduated from online classes. They begin their college through limited face-to-face classes. This study focused on the senior high school student’s perception of college preparedness, and factors influencing their perception and attitude toward the didactic in-class approach in comparison to the online learning approach in terms of preference, efficiency, and workload. The study used a descriptive research design to collect and gather quantitative data obtained through survey forms. The researchers used an online survey approach, asking respondents to answer a 31-item question using a Likert Scale. The data gathered was a self-made questionnaire containing the respondents’ demographic profile in terms of age and sex, and a three-part questionnaire involving the perceived level of preparedness of Grade 12 students. The study utilized purposive quota sampling to better assess the respondents and to meet the study's limits. The sample size was determined through Slovin’s Formula. Results have shown that the academic, parental, financial, and environmental influences students’ perceptions of their readiness to attend college.

First Advisor

Rowell Maglalang