Assessment on the awareness, attitudes, and practices concerning sexual and reproductive health literacy of late adolescents in the City of Bacoor

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Research Project

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Grade 12


SRHL, Awareness, Attitudes, Practices


Sexual and reproductive health remains a public health concern in the Philippines. Several posing hurdles in available and reliable sexual and reproductive health services continue to stand—leaving late adolescents highly vulnerable to these SRH issues. Despite the availability of tools and research, preceding studies have overlooked the demographic with regard to sexual and reproductive health literacy. A total of 101 respondents were gathered through purposive and snowball sampling. Late adolescents ranging from 18 to 21 years of age were assessed and analyzed in this study according to their level of awareness, attitudes, and practices concerning their SRHL. Findings suggest that late adolescents from Bacoor City have high awareness, a positive attitude, and fully practice SRH. Furthermore it has been noted that sex has a bearing on an individual’s SRH awareness and practice, where females had a significantly higher level in both aspects. Religion has also been linked as significant in terms of the level of awareness concerning SRHL—catholics were found to have a greater level of awareness compared to non-catholics. However, in spite of these promising results, certain areas of SRH service and information distribution have been identified to be inadequate among late adolescents.

First Advisor

Dennis Y. Perona

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