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Research Project

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Grade 12


academic anxiety, acting out, coping mechanism


Following the unexpected societal shift that the students experienced and continuously encountering because of the well-known pandemic the academic anxiety of students are increasing. For this reason, the researchers aim to know the prevalence of the acting out mechanism among Senior High School students in De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute through descriptive research design. The respondents were the 13 selected and interested students who had provided the aimed data per section via an online survey containing a total of 55 items from the Beck Anxiety Inventory with 21, Measure of Adolescent Coping Strategies with 34, and qualitative data with 2 open-ended questions as the primary data collection method. The average result indicates that the level of academic anxiety of the students in DLSMHSI-SHSSHS was 26.75 mean, and the most frequently used action under the "Acting out" coping mechanism is to take their anger out on things. It can be concluded that "acting out" was rarely used as a coping strategy by STEM students.

First Advisor

Marc Jeffrey Sioco