A study on the new voters of the De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Senior High School students’ information sources for the preparation on the 2022 National Elections

Date of Completion


Document Type

Research Project

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Grade 12


Philippine national elections, new voters, sources of information, capability measure, satisfaction


The surge of political information dissemination has been prevalent due to this year's National Elections. The paper aims to identify and analyze the informationgathering tools of new voters to prepare for the 2022 Philippine National Elections. To reach this objective, the researchers surveyed 150 students from the De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute – Special Health Sciences Senior High School to inquire about the sources that they rely upon, investigate their capability measures, and examine their satisfaction with their source materials. Descriptive statistical analysis revealed that the majority rely on social media with the capability to identify sources of information. Results also show that various factors play a role in determining their satisfaction with the source material. The findings of this research will benefit the community, especially new voters and students, in improving and modifying their information materials.

First Advisor

Edison Vincent A. Olegario

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