Assessment of bacterial hemolytic activity on selected make-up testers at various beauty product stores inside a selected mall in Cavite

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Hemolysis, Cosmetics, beauty product, make-up testers, Streptococcus


This study is conducted to identify the presence of pathogenic bacteria present on the make-up testers based on the type of bacterial hemolytic activity present on the blood agar plates. Six (6) samples (3 blush and 3 foundations) were taken from beauty product stores inside a mall at Dasmarinas Cavite by cotton swabbing technique and then diluted into four (4) sterile tubes with dilutionfactors on each tube then spread among the surface of blood agar plates and were culture for 48 hours with a temperature of 36°C. Among the samples, alpha and beta hemolysis were both 55.55% prominent considering dilution factors. While 33.33% of the samples exhibited gamma hemolysis. This concludes that beta and alpha hemolytic bacteria are equally more prominent in the testers. Bacteria that are classified as beta-hemolytic such as Group A Streptococci can cause bacterial infections especially on the skin. The results of this study suggests that the make-up testers on the selected stalls in Dasmarinas Cavite may contain pathogenic bacteria which means that consumers should avoid using contaminated testers to avoid possible epidermal diseases.

First Advisor

Pauline L. Cueno

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