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Research Project

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Grade 12


Sex education.


The lack of awareness and accessibility to sex education causes national problems such as teenage pregnancy. Because of such issues, the researchers aim to gather information on the knowledge and perception of Generations X, Y, and Z on sex education. This study collected data from 420 individuals residing in Paranaque and Muntinlupa City, having 140 respondents per generation. An adopted and self-made questionnaire was given to the respondents, which consisted of demographic details, knowledge and perception questions, and possible implementation of the topic in the Philippines’ academic curriculum. The respondents showed a very good knowledge on sex education. While, results for the perception of respondents are positive. Significant differences found in the knowledge and perception of the respondents were grouped according to socioeconomic status and educational attainment. The knowledge of the respondents is significant at .05 when it comes to their socio-economic status. Respondents who graduated high school onwards, are significantly different at .05 regarding perception. For the significant difference between the three generations in terms of knowledge and perception, generations Y and Z have statistically greater outcomes than generation X when it comes to the overall perception on sex education. Some responses suggest that sex education should be mandatory while the rest suggest it be voluntary. To conclude, the knowledge and perception of Generations X, Y, and Z are very good and positive towards the topic. We can also say that the demographic profiles of each respondent affect their knowledge and perception on sex education.

First Advisor

Ramgie Bartolata