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Research Project

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Grade 12


Work Satisfaction, Productivity, Pay, Contingent Rewards, Healthcare Professionals


Work satisfaction contributes to employees' job productivity and service quality, which is primarily reflected during the COVID-19 pandemic that requires much extra effort. With Abu Dhabi being one of the quickest to respond to the pandemic and the Philippines relatively slower, this study compares the overall work satisfaction and the factors that affect it between Filipino healthcare practitioners working in Abu Dhabi and NCR. The comparative analysis was done using an adopted research instrument called the Job Satisfaction Survey, administered virtually using Google Forms to 102 respondents through snowball sampling. The results showed that only Pay and Contingent Rewards significantly differed among the nine facets of job satisfaction. Additionally, there is a significant difference in the overall work satisfaction between Abu Dhabi and NCR healthcare practitioners. As healthcare professionals are the ones directly fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, it is only given that they should be well-compensated in return for their continuous efforts.

First Advisor

Ramgie Bartolata