The relationship between academic self-concept and e-learning educational atmosphere of DLSMHSI senior high school students

Mac Gilbert U. Felecio
Jermaine Bryant M. Lim
Gwenn Rose C. Loyola
Nicole Margrette U. Pascua
Aron Martin M. Pizarro
Grace Agnes A. Sevilla


Academic self-concept pertains to the self-evaluation of one's academic perceptions and abilities, while e-learning educational atmosphere refers to one¶s perception of their e-learning environment including synchronous and asynchronous tools, which may affect one¶s self-concept. The study aims to determine the correlation between the two variables through the use of the E-Learning Educational Atmosphere Measure (EEAM) and the Academic Self-Concept Scale (ASCS) upon 225 senior high school students from De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute. Measures of central tendency and dispersion, and Spearman rho correlation test were used to determine the relationship between the two variables. The results showed that 61.3% of the respondents have a high EEAM level. For academic self-concept, DLSMHSI students exhibited a moderate level of ASCS levels among all respondents. The study concludes that there is a weak and insignificant relationship between the two variables. Further research on the field is recommended for future endeavors.