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Research Project

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Grade 12


Work environment


The anxiety and concern in millions of people's lives when the COVID-19 pandemic began has ruined countless people's physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Individuals that are most affected were the medical frontliners, as they are the ones who witnessed the COVID-19 pandemic personally. Hence, the reason that the researchers made this study is to have an effort to understand their current working environment as it affects the emotional health of Filipino nurses in both public and private sectors. The researchers used a combination of quantitative and descriptive research to achieve the goal of this study. The researchers surveyed public and private Filipino nurses about their working environment to assess their emotional health despite the worldwide health dilemma. The result showed that the working environment, workplace stress, and emotional health are inverse related to each other. In addition to that, the two hospital classifications differ in emotional health, with private nurses having a more negative effect than public nurses; nevertheless, the classifications of Filipino nurses only have slight differences, as their current state of morale is satisfactory. In conclusion, there is a significant relationship between the work stress and emotional health of Filipino nurses with their current work environment. The researchers recommend applying related literature regarding the demographical factors as it affects the emotional health of nurses and gathering more respondents to accurately determine the relationship between the emotional health of Filipino nurses and their working environment at the time of the pandemic.

First Advisor

Ramgie M. Bartolata