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Research Project

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Grade 12


Mental health


The Philippines was under lockdown last year, as a result, classes in all levels were suspended. Universities across the country have embraced the alternative learning method, online classes. This form of education is beneficial in protecting us from the virus. However, many people argue that solely online interactions can harm the students' mental health. Those who have mental problems prefer to keep it to themselves and find it difficult to open up. As a result, many have their coping mechanisms. This study determined the leading cause of stress of senior high school students, how often they experience it, how the coping mechanisms help them, and the effectiveness of the given coping mechanisms: emotion-focused, appraisal-focused, and maladaptive coping mechanisms. The researchers conducted a questionnaire through Google Forms, the frequency and percentage distribution was used as the statistical treatment. Data showed that school requirements are the senior high school students' main cause of stress, and they experience stress often. The emotion-focused coping strategy is proven to be moderately effective. The appraisal-focused coping strategy is proven to be effective. While, the maladaptive coping strategy is proven to be ineffective. These coping mechanisms help the senior high school reduce stress mainly through significantly improving their mood.

First Advisor

Teresita T. Pineda