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Research Project

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Grade 12


Excessive use of gadget


Using gadgets for a prolonged period can affect the mental and emotional development of people. If the screen time increases, the risk of behavioral problems like aggressiveness, mood disorders, and attention problems increases as well. Since the Philippines adopted online learning because of COVID-19, the students of DLSMHSI-SHS are more vulnerable to the negative impacts of using gadgets for a long time. The purpose of this research is to see if there is a significant relationship between the amount of screen time and the behavior of DLSMHSI-SHS students in terms of Aggression, Mood, Sleep Quality, Attention, and Mental Well-Being. A hundred students from grades 11 to 12 were chosen through random sampling to answer the survey regarding their behavior after prolonged gadget use. After analyzing the responses, it was concluded that there is no significant association between the behavioral effects and excessive gadget use.

First Advisor

Teresita T. Pineda