Date of Completion


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Capstone Project

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Grade 12


Wine, Methanol


Lambanog, also known as Palm wine in the Philippines, was considered as a regional drink because of its prolonged history. For this study, the researchers decided to purchase Palm wine (lambanog) from Barangay Balungay, Panukulan, Quezon Province. In able to quantify the methanol content present in the homemade Palm wine (lambanog) and to determine whether the Palm wine in Brgy. Balungay, Panukulan, Quezon Province was naturally produced without any significant negative effect to consumers and in compliance with the standard set by the FDA, the researchers used chemical analysis procedure. Chemical analysis or also known as analytical chemistry, specifically gas chromatography procedure. As it involves a complicated work, the method sampling was done by the laboratory chemist of Intertek Laboratories Inc. The methanol found in the Palm wine (lambanog) sample is 0.01% which was less than the standard value of the FDA which is 0.1% of natural methanol with a percentage error of 90%. In conclusion, no high methanol content is present in the Palm wine (lambanog) produced in Brgy. Balungay, Panukulan, Quezon Province, and the quantified methanol is naturally produced, therefore it is safe to consume.

First Advisor

Teresita T. Pineda, RN