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Research Project

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Grade 12


Warning labels, Tobacco usage, Smokers


Many Filipinos are in the habit of smoking tobacco on a regular basis, although various graphic warnings are shown on cigarette packaging. This study intends to determine the perception of smokers and former smokers from ages 18-30 towards the effectiveness of Pictorial Warning Labels in tobacco product packaging in terms of reducing tobacco usage. Data we gathered among smokers and former smokers through a survey consists questions regarding consumption, health effects and policies of cigarettes. The results show that the PWLs have no significant effect towards reducing the cigarette consumption of some respondents. However, even though appears not to help modify or reduce their cigarette consumption, Pictorial Warning Labels is an effective and successful approach in terms of disseminating information regarding the negative health consequences of smoking. Therefore, the government and tobacco industry must ake improvements towards the health risks displayed on tobacco product packaging to further achieve its aim, which is to reduce cigarette consumption or influence smoking cessation among smokers.