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Research Project

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Grade 12


Hospital personnel, PWD clientele


Navigating the health facilities is one of the difficulties experienced by completely abled people that adds to the stress experienced in a hospital that is already known to naturally be a stressful environment, so what more if a person trying to navigate the health facilities has social disadvantages brought by disabilities. With that, this study aims to identify the existing challenges and stress brought about by hospital navigation considering both perspectives of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and hospital personnel. Snowball sampling was utilized to gather 20 PWDs and 20 hospital personnel from the Province of Cavite as respondents for this study. Data gathered using adapted Likert Scale survey questions presented positive results. Assessing the results, due to proper positive support voluntarily given by the hospital personnel, no significant stress is added to the PWD clientele when navigating the health facilities. For future studies, it is recommended to utilize a larger population spread out to different municipalities further specifying the type of disability and role of the staff. Furthermore, this study may serve as a reference in establishing hospital navigation systems and devices that may help in the general delivery of services in health institutions.