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Research Project

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Grade 12


Health services


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant impact on every aspect of the communities in the Philippines, especially the public health

sector. Consequently, the impact of the pandemic might not be on COVID- 19 cases alone but also on the non-COVID-19 cases. Therefore, this

study aims to measure the experiences of the patients and clients regarding the non-COVID-19 emergency and critical health services

during the pandemic in the province of Cavite. This study utilized a mixed- method approach to analyze and interpret the responses gathered from

the quantitative data from the online survey and qualitative data from the follow-up semi-structured interview. 45 research participants were included in this study, where 35 were under the emergency health services section, and 10 were under the critical health services section. Accordingly, 57.14% of the respondents for the emergency section rated their experience as “Good emergency room care”, whereas 50.00% of the respondents for the critical section rated their experience as “Good hospital stay”. Furthermore, the results show that the identified factors that contribute to the overall assessment of the emergency health services include the healthcare facility and healthcare delivery. In the case of critical health services, there was not enough evidence to claim that healthcare delivery, facility, and human resources were identified as factors. Given these points, it is recommended to conduct further studies regarding non-COVID-19 care to understand the health outcomes in a wider population to maintain and improve the management of the health care delivery system during the pandemic.