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Research Project

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Grade 12


Plantitas and Plantitos


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about so much stress that houseplant acquisition of plantitas and plantitos became a way to relieve some of this. This paper then aimed to know the relationship between houseplant acquisition and the level of stress relief, taking into account their demographic profile. Additionally, the researchers selected such a topic due to the lack of existing studies in the Philippines regarding this. Sixty (60) respondents from six (6) selected highland parts

of Cavite were chosen through a snowball sampling to answer a self- made Likert Scale questionnaire, which contained positive statements

about their thoughts and feelings during their houseplant acquisition. Results were analyzed using frequency, percentage, and the Chi-square test with a probability level of 0.05. The findings showed no significant relationship between the demographic profile and level of stress relief. In addition, in terms of the duration and quantity, houseplant acquisition displayed no significant effect on the level of stress relief. However, the respondents showed very high levels of stress relief on their tests. Thus, houseplant acquisition does not negatively affect plantitas and plantitos in selected areas in Cavite.