Date of Completion


Document Type

Research Project

Degree Name

Grade 12


Charcoal, Coconut, Cocos- nucifera, briquettes, biofuel


The study is a Descriptive quantitative research which aims to determine if the Cocos Nucifera left-over pulp and Husk briquette can be an effective alternative Biofuel as charcoal. The Combustibility and Proximate analysis of the briquette and charcoal were tested and were used as reference to see significant differences between the two biofuels. The result shows the significant differences in the data between the two samples. The Chemical qualities of the briquette that came from the laboratory such as the Volatile Combustible matter (86.2%), Fixed Carbon content (11.3%) and the Calorific or Heating Value (7,600 BTU/ lb) made a large gap when compared to the chemical qualities of the charcoal. Differences in the reaction for burning and ignition time were also observed. The results shows that the briquette has faster ignition time (56.11 s) and burning time (2269.33 s) than the charcoal that have 302 s of ignition and 3343 s of burning time. The two biofuels have shown opposite rates in reacting. In summary, the Cocos Nucifera left-over pulp and Husk briquette could be an alternative biofuel but may not be as effective as Charcoal.

First Advisor

Carmelette C. Davila