Comparison on the perceived influence of Twitter a social media platform on the emotional and mental behavior of selected Grade 11 students of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Social media, Expressed emotion.


Twitter is playing an indispensable role in the behavior of this generation‘s students as it is used almost every day. It is most likely that the Grade 11 students of De La Salle Medical Health and Sciences Institute also gained an influence in terms of their Emotional and Mental Behavior. This study aims to examine whether both behaviors have an impact on the students and which of these two aspects has a greater influence on their wellbeing, as perceived by the students. The study is descriptive research that will apply Fishbowl sampling in order to obtain 180 respondents. The researchers distributed a 20-item questionnaire among the targeted sample and were able to complete the desired responses. This study applied the Social Cognitive Theory of Albert Bandura, which states that the behavior an individual presents could be brought by how it may affect his ability to think, feel, and interact with people. This study was able to prove that Twitter does have an influence on Emotional and Mental Behavior as perceived by the students and was able to compare the two aspects, thus concluding that the Emotional aspect has a greater impact on their wellbeing than the Mental aspect.

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