Assessment of study habits, skills, and attitudes towards online learning during quarantine of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute Special Health Sciences Senior High School students

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Research Project

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Grade 12


Study habits, Education, Distance, High school students.


Education is one of the most affected sectors of the industry due to the

COVID-19 pandemic, making everyone shift from the traditional face-to- face classes into online classes. With that, changes were also made with

the students’ practices specifically in their study habits, skills, and attitudes leading us to the effort of assessing them to see the current situation of fellow students. While many studies and articles have already provided assessment of learners’ study habits, skills, and attitudes, there are no established studies yet that provide assessment for the following components during the COVID-19 pandemic; furthermore, there are very few studies that assess them for students below tertiary level. The study used a descriptive research design to assess the SHSSHS students’ study habits, skills, and attitudes during online learning in quarantine. The data gathered was obtained from self-made questionnaire containing a survey on the respondents’ demographic profile in terms of grade level, sex, device(s) used for online class, and hours spent using device/s for online class/requirements; a 15-item survey on their study habits in terms of concentration, study aids, and time management; a 15-item survey on their study skills in terms of information processing, selecting main ideas, and test strategies; and a 15-item survey on their study attitudes in terms

of anxiety, attitude, motivation with a likert scale for determining interpretation of responses and is analyzed and interpreted through frequency and percentage statistical technique. The researchers determined the sample size using the Raosoft Size Calculator and gathered the respondents using the quota sampling technique. Results have shown that there were 13 study habits, 15 study skills, and 11 study attitudes that garnered constant (i.e., usually or always) application from more than half of the distribution/percentage of respondents; these describe some of the practices of the students during online classes in quarantine e.g. having stimulations like coffee when studying, reading instructions before taking online tests, and having the motivation of getting good grades when complying with online class requirements. The findings will benefit the community in improving standards for assessing students' study skills, study habits, and study attitude toward online learning under quarantine, the SHSSHS Department may benefit from the data in order to build more effective student intercession and modify the online educational curriculum to promote good study habits, skills, and attitudes among all students.

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