Toxicity of Malus domestica (Red delicious apple) seed extract : Amygdalin on aedes Aegypti mosquito larvae

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Toxicity, Malus, Plant Extract, Densovirinae, Culicidae, Aegypti mosquito


Mosquitoes are popularly known as carriers of some of the most deadly endemic diseases causing over millions of deaths every year. The World Health Organization has named them public enemy number one when it comes to the spread of diseases such as malaria, and dengue. The use of insecticides has been limited despite it being a major tool in prevention and elimination due to its harmful effects on human health, and environmental sustainability. As a result, there has been an increase in research on different plant extracts as possible alternatives for insecticides and larvicide. In this research, Malus domestica seed extract was used as a possible alternative larvicide on Aedes Aegypti mosquito larvae due to it containing a natural plant toxin called amygdalin. The methodology was divided into two parts, extraction of the seed extract, and larvae testing. The larvae testing involved control environment preparation, stock solution preparation, and lastly larvicide testing proper. The concentrations of Malus domestica Crude extract used were 1,250ppm, 2,500ppm, 5,000ppm, 7,500ppm, and 10,000ppm all of which produced a certain percentage of larvae mortality within a 24-hour exposure. There were two controls used in the study, Abate (0.9ppm) and de-chlorinated tap water with 1% DMSO. Results showed that while dechlorinated tap water with 1% DMSO had no effect, Abate and Malus domestica seed Crude extract had an effect on mosquito mortality rate. However, Abate resulted a more significant effect of 100% mortality with 0.9ppm only compared to Malus domestica seed Crude extract with 10,000ppm. In conclusion, Malus domestica seed Crude extract can cause an effect on a population of Aedes aegypti larvae but not as significant as Abate.

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Carmelette C. Davila

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