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Research Project

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Grade 12


Underage alcohol drinking, Social Media Platforms


The study conducted by the researchers was analytic observational study. This study used Sloven's Formula as a sampling method for the researchers to select their respondents. Survey questionnaires were distributed to the Grade 11 participants, to gather the data needed for this study. The study used frequency and percentage distribution as statistical tool in quantifying the data collected. Results show that Facebook is the most used social media platform, while music is the most frequently used platform aside from social media platform. Well-known alcohol brands turn to be the factor which is most likely seen in social media platforms. Thematic codes were used in the last part of the questionnaire, where the results were classified into five categories from the questionnaire. Arranged in no particular order, these are: “Pleasing to the eyes”, “Friends and Family”, “Popular Actor”, and “Loves flavored alcohol/Various Choices of alcohol”. In gathering of the findings, it is shown that there is a large possibility that underage people are exposed to alcohol-related content. Given that they are frequently using social media, and that they often see these kinds of content even in other media platforms. Most of the respondents stated that their decision to drink alcoholic beverages are not affected by their engagement in social media. Therefore, it can be said that underage Grade 11 students of DLSMHSI show that social media does not influence them to engage in alcohol drinking.

First Advisor

Myra Michelle M. Mojica