Date of Completion


Document Type

Research Project

Degree Name

Grade 12


rice water, okra, fertilizer, Abelmoschus


The purpose of this research study is to discover the effects of rice water to the soil nutrients and growth of okra in terms of height and number of leaves. Group A consists of 6 plants treated with rice water, while Group B consists of 6 plants treated with artificial fertilizer. Based on the experimental value, it only showed that plants with rice water was only slightly taller than the control group since the tallest okra of rice water has a height of 36cm having 8 leaves and one fruit. While the control group had its tallest height with 32cm and 4 leaves on it. Therefore, this study determined that there is no significant difference between the growth of okra plant treated with rice water and artificial fertilizer. Both groups also had the same findings on the soil test having its NPK as Low, Medium, and Sufficient, respectively. However, rice water is still recommended to be an alternative fertilizer since it has the same effect with the artificial fertilizer beneficially and it is organic.

First Advisor

Myra Michelle M. Mojica