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Capstone Project

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Grade 12


bacteria, Elevators, Escalators, bacterial contamination


Elevators are accessories that are significant on our lives that may contain microbes. A lot of people come in contact with elevator buttons and it could be a possible growth area of pathogens that can affect the community. The bacterial contamination of elevator buttons, shopping carts, mice, and keyboards were compared and the elevator buttons were found to be mostly contaminated (Al-Ghamdi et. Al., 2011). The aim of this study is to detect the presence of bacteria on selected elevator buttons in De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute - Wang Building; to determine which selected elevator button has the highest colony forming unit; and to determine if there is a significant difference in the colony forming unit among the selected elevator buttons. The study was done in the laboratory in the Angelo King Bldg. of DLSMHSI. The research procedure includes the cotton swabbing of the the selected elevator buttons on each of the left and right side elevators of the building, serial dilution, bacterial count using standard plate count method, and the spread plating technique. From the analysis, the ‘up’ button of the ground floor of the left side building contains 44 colonies with the colony forming unit of 8.8 𝑥 105.

First Advisor

Evelyn D. Segovia