Assessing the angiogenic effects of Tagetes erecta (marigold) leaf extract on the chorioallantoic membrane (cam) of 10-day old duck embryo

Maria Milagros A. Gloria
Gerald Ablen P. Colada
Arielle Jonna P. Guinto
Noa Elisha F. Manicio
Christine R. Pablo


This study aims to evaluate the anti-angiogenic effect of Tagetes erecta (Marigold) leaf extract on a 10-day old duck embryo by determining the number of primary blood vessels on the CAM administered with varying concentration levels of marigold leaf extract. This study will use CAM Assay as a method to determine the anti-angiogenic property of marigold leaf extract. There will be no isolation or solvent fractionation process that will occur. Furthermore, the plant sample will be compared to a negative control setup. The comparison to other leaf extracts that can be tested on the angiogenic effect will no longer be covered. Also, the sample will not be compared to a current anti-angiogenic drug for positive control setup. The experimental procedure will only require the participation of the researchers, with the guidance of their research adviser.