Assessing the level of awareness, knowledge and availability of contraception within poblacion barangays in GMA, Cavite and its effect on the perception and practice of the resident families on methods of contraception

Vincent Robert A. Tamayo
Lorenzo Gabriel M. Cusi
Nickolas Gene T. Reaño
Denise A. Macatangay
Jan David D. Ibrahim


This research will only focus on assessing the level of awareness, knowledge, and availability of these methods of contraception in rural areas and how these affect the perception and practice of families living in such areas on these methods. The researchers, however, will not conduct a reproductive health teaching or sex education beforehand or even after, and will only assess the current knowledge these people have regardless if they have the proper education on these contraceptives or not. The research will also be excluding the investigation on how these mentioned factors affect the teenage pregnancy rate and birth rate in general. The recipients or respondents of this research will only be limited on the families that live in the area; therefore, government officials or barangay health workers of their barangay will be excluded from the survey process. The people who are eligible to answer the questionnaire that will be given will only be limited to those who are aged 21 and above.