Assessment of inhibitory properties of soluble proteins from commercially available Luffa aegyptiaca mill. (sponge gourd) seeds

Aliyah O. Alviar
Tesalonica R. De Guzman
Chelsea Gertos
Maria Ayumi C. Shimizu
Manpreet Singh Sohal


This study aims to find out the effects of the extracted protein from Sponge Gourd seeds to the functions of the a-Amylase enzyme in carbohydrate production. It will enable the researchers to determine whether the said extract is useful in terms of lessening glucose production in the body thus, functioning as a possible treatment for hyperglycemic patients. This research will be conducted in the span of four months and will be performed in the laboratories of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute (DLSMHSI). Materials to be used will also be coming from the school. The general budget will be provided by the researchers. The study only focuses on the concentrated protein solution that can be a potential inhibitory property to stop the breaking down of A-amylase.