Comparative analysis of phytochemical and antibacterial property of Cucumis sativus and Aloe vera crude extracts on Staphylococcus aureus

Hermoine Alexis Aldave
Claurence Leith I. Camino
Karl Andrei D. Flores
Matthew Louis D. Nillas
Nichole Alheia D. Valera


The study aimsto expound on the concept of antimicrobial activity present in A. vera and C. sativus with regards to the inhibition of S. aureus and its growth. It also aims to determine what chemicals present in both specimens may be suitable for medical use and skin application through phytochemical screening. The study will not be able to justify the extractions’ actual effect during application, as the study is unable to conduct clinical trials that may provide additional proof to support the concept that it is permissible for topical use or topical applications. It will also not be able to determine how plant extracts affect strains of S. aureus that are already resistant to antibiotics. It is also limited on examining the effects of the peel of A. vera and other parts of A. vera pertaining to S. aureus growth inhibition.