Comparison on the neutralizing property of the phytochemical constituents of Eleusine indica (paragis) and Pandanus amaryllifolius (pandan) ethanolic leaf extracts to Diadema savignyi (sea urchin) toxin

Maureen Ann C. Angat
Gabrielle Denise H. Austria
Eulyn Cyril C. Bayani
David Rio Adrian B. Sanchez
Irrem V. Velasco


This study focuses on the use of leaves from Eleusine indica (Paragis) and Pandanus amaryllifolius (Pandan) as a neutralizing agent and the phytochemical components of the plant extracts that can inhibit proteases and hemolysins of the toxin of Diadema savignyi (Sea Urchin). The researchers will base the neutralizing effect of plants on their respective properties only. The researchers will only focus on neutralizing the proteases and hemolysins in the selected specimen. The researchers will not analyze the molecular process in the neutralization of the herbal plant in other species of Sea Urchin. Moreover, there will be no comparison on the neutralization of selected plants to other plants. Moreover, the researchers will not focus on the neutralizing of other components included in the toxin. The researchers will not compare the toxin of Sea Urchin on other venoms or toxins.