Comparison on the resistance patterns of detected pathogenic bacteria obtained from uncooked pagpag in selected households of Payatas, Quezon City

Lorenzo Miguel U. Arca
Mark John S. Barroga
Angelo Jhudiel J. Binauhan
Hannah Katrice B. Blastique
Jan Katrina H. Valera


This research will focus only on the assessment of resistance patterns of bacteria found on uncooked pagpag to selected antibiotics. Only three prepared samples of uncooked pagpag will be observed and studied. Also, the identification of bacteria present in the samples and its bacterial count or colony count were included in this study. Lastly, to assess resistance patterns, measuring the Zone of Inhibition (ZOI) will be done with the Kirby- Bauer Disk Diffusion Method to know the effect of antibiotics on E.coli and find out which antibiotic produced the highest bactericidal effect and the highest rate of resistance through the comparison of each antibiotic’s ZOI on the standard disk-diameter chart. The chosen research area is solely Payatas, Quezon City and will not discuss any concerns regarding the prevalence of it in different places. This study will also not discuss possible diseases obtained from that leftover food in the chosen area, the perceptions of the consumers regarding it and other possible antibiotics aside from the ones that will be stated. Furthermore, the researchers will not suggest possible alternative antibiotics to be used as the study does not involve the usage of plant extracts.