Comparison on the use of conventional handwriting vs tablet typing as a form of note taking in memory retention of selected grade 11 students of De La Salle Medical Health and Sciences Institute

Alianna Shane B. Caldejon
Patrick Ethan Jakob B. Gatchalian
Radharani Antoinette F. Mercado
Jules Nikolas A. Rengconada
Nica Elah F. Sapida


The study focuses on the use of different note styles for selected Grade 11 students at the De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute of a structured lecture on a particular topic. The respondents of the study will have to go through a specific filter by means of hearing, seeing and their attention span in order to participate. The pre-test and post-test score will measure the data of the study. This study will be limited to the several parameters, such as, determining their Intelligence Quotient (IQ), process or manner of writing, ability to decode information, cleanliness of writing (specifically for handwriting), amount of notes taken, contents of notes, and the use of signs and symbols in processing or interpreting the information. The use of laptop is not comparable. However, the IQ level of the respondents as well as the manner of note taking and the process that they are undertaking in performing the send procedure were not be given emphasis. Furthermore, the study will not recommend techniques in note taking and other note taking styles except what is shown above is not included.