Efficacy of larvicidal effects of Lansium domesticum (lansones) peel extract on Culex pipiens (common house mosquito)

Gwyneth Frealin Villarias
Alyanna Camille Masicap
Antonio Robert Gabriel
Rosana Mariel Malabag
Mitsiko Diane Suzuki


This study is centered primarily around the efficacy of the larvicidal effects of lansones peel extract on common house mosquito. Authentication of the f ruit, obtained from a public market, will be done before proceeding to the actual experiment. The study will be conducted at a laboratory room in De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute using the different concentration levels of lansones peel extract as a larvicide to common house mosquito. The equipment will be used are mostly from the Institution as well. As the research focuses primarily around the effects of different concentration levels of lansones peel extracts in relation to mortality rate of common house mosquitoes, the photochemical of the peel extract of the L.domesticum will not be analyzed and examined.