A survey between the relationship of preferred music genre and stress level among grade 11 senior high school students of De La Salle Medical And Health Sciences Institute

Allenroy Carl G. Bagasan
Chrislynn Anne V. Laurel
Liane Eillenor J. Sapida
Yzabelle F. Sumbang


This study presents a survey between the relationship of preferred music genre and stress level of the Grade 11 Senior High School Students of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute. Every student in the institution experiencing high stress level before examinations, quizzes or any academic performances is extremely common for medical students, through it can impact a lot to their emotional and physical stress. Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain and tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances although stress could be a necessary physiological mechanism, excess stress can result in adverse outcomes thereby decreasing an individual’s overall quality of life. Countless methods are utilized by people everywhere in trying to overcome this elevated levels of stress. Music as a cure shows a profound effect for relaxation and stress management. The importance of this study is to plan methods of alleviating high stress levels caused by academic stress. Prior research has investigated the effects of music given exposure to a cognitive stressor, our study represents the first of its kind in coupling music to physiological stressors. The manner and degree to which music affects the physiological processes underlying the human stress response resulting from this study remains unclear.