Comparison of the anti-angiogenic effects of selected plant leaf extracts on the chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) of a 10-day old anas platyrhynchos (mallard duck) embryo

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Grade 12


Angiogenesis Inhibitors, anas platyrhynchos embryo, Plant Extract, Chorioallantoic Membrane


This study was undertaken to compare the anti-angiogenic effects of plant leaf extracts found in Silang, Cavite by administering them into the chorioallantoic membrane of 10-day old duck embryos. A concentration of 100 ppm and 300 ppm leaf extracts were administered to a total of sixty 10-day old duck eggs, with 20 eggs allotted to each plant. Incubation took place within two days after administering the extracts and the resulting collaterals obtained from the eggs were tallied thereafter. The results showed that the plant extracts of rosemary and amplaya presented significant anti-angiogenic effects thereby confirming the two to be the most effective inhibitor of angiogenesis. Recommendations for future researchers would be to considered adding possible pro-angiogenic plant extracts and include plants of the same family when doing a comparative or preferable quasi-experimental study.

First Advisor

Myra Michelle M. Mojica

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