In vitro anthelmintic activity of Syzygium cumini (duhat) ethanolic leaf extract against Ascaris suum

Jarl Nicholas E. Bumanlag
Ma. Aubrey Mae S. Daos
Bianca Alessandra A. Enriquez
Rachel Gabrielle D. Natividad
Ross Francis M. Solomon


The study will concentrate on the anthelmintic activity of Syzygium cumini leaf extract against Ascaris suum. Leaves of Syzygium cumini will be gathered and subjected for extraction. Ascaris suum will be collected and will be treated with positive control using Mebendazole, different concentrations (100 ppm, 200 ppm, 300 ppm) S. cumini leaf extract, and negative control using Normal Saline Solution. A total of fifteen Ascaris suum will be subjected for different treatments. It is not the intention of this study to identify the other components of Syzygium cumini other than its anthelmintic activity. The study will not tackle the chemical properties of duhat and its mechanism in being anthelmintic.