Level of awareness of the citizens in a selected barangay in Dasmariñas City, Cavite regarding poliomyelitis and polio vaccination in the midst of the rising heath threat of vaccine hesitancy in the Philippines

Vhiolianne Faye N. Rañeses
Richelyne Mae D. Vinluan
Yvon Stefani S. Andales
Hannah G. Docena
Gian V. Prevosa


This study will mainly focus on the awareness of a community about Poliomyelitis and Polio vaccinations in the midst of the rising health threat of vaccine hesitancy in the Philippines. The researchers will be selecting one barangay in Dasmariñas City, Cavite that administers free polio vaccines to their citizens. The data gathering procedure of the study will be conducted from January 2020 to June 2020. The data will be gathered from sixty (60) different individuals of legal age within a selected barangay. The researchers will collect the respondents’ socio-demographic profile, perception of polio and polio immunization, source of information and vaccine sentiment (vaccine-hesitant or vaccine-receptive). The respondents’ socio-demographic profile to be gathered will only be limited to their age, family structure, educational attainment, estimated family income, and biological sex. Sixty (60) adults from the selected barangay may participate in this research regardless of their vaccination status and knowledge (or lack thereof) about the free polio vaccinations. The data collection of the researchers will be done through the use of their prepared questionnaires.