In vivo analysis on the teratogenicity of the main electronic cigarette component proplylene glycol using OECD 236 zebrafish danio rerio acute toxicity (FET) test

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Grade 12


Toxicity Tests, Teratogens, Propylene Glycol, Teratogenic Effect, acute toxicity (FET) Test, zebrafish


The experimental method of research was used in the study. The researcher determined the teratogenic effect of the main electroni cigarette component prophylene glycol in different concentrations using OECD 236 zebrafish acute toxicity (FET) test. The results showed that the highest concentration of prophylene glycol (tratment 5 (2500ppm) exhibits the highest teratogenic potential 3dpf inclusive of the four parametric observations such as coagulation of embryo, lack of somite treatments was found to be at 977.23 ppm. The treatments showed significant difference with each other in tems of the percentage of dead 3dpf. With regards to this, the concentration of propylene glycol is directly proportional to the percentage of dead emryos. The concentrations of prophylene glycol also showed no statistically significant differne with positive control (50% ethanol). This resulted to the moderate toxicity of propylene glycol in sebrafish embryo using the OECD 236 zebrafish (Danio Rerio) acute toxicity (FET) test.

First Advisor

Mark Lawrence F. Fabregas

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