Preferred health care treatment of people in barangay Cabezas and barangay Lallana, Trece Martires City, Cavite

Ariane Rose S. Apuyan
Jillian Camille J. Galapon
Angeline B. Leachon
Darrence B. Pelicano
Mica Angeli D. Toledo


This study will take place in Barangay Cabezas and Barangay Lallana, Trece Martires City, Cavite and will be accomplished during the course of the academic year 2019-2020. Fifty (50) respondents from each barangay, which is a total of one hundred (100) respondents, will be gathered to answer a structured survey. Comprising the halves of the sample size from each barangay are individuals whose ages fall under the two age groups ranging from thirty to forty years old and fifty (50) to sixty (60) years old. Furthermore, the study shall focus only on the respondents preferred health care treatment between traditional and modern medicine, the factors affecting the use of the two types of treatment, and the factors affecting the respondents’ refusal to use either of these types of treatment. Collection of the profile of the respondents concerning the age, gender, location, and educational level is included in the study’s data gathering process, however, determining the relationship between these and the respondents’ preferences will not take part in the study’s discussions as well as comparing the age groups, genders, the two barangays, and the respondents’ educational attainments. Apart from that, there will also be no discussions regarding the relationship between the factors and the respondents’ preferred health care treatment. The underlying narratives of the respondents regarding the subject matter will not be gathered nor interpreted.