Sociodemographic data, level of workload, and time management In relation to the level of perceived stress of working college students of selected Schools in Cavite

Danna Mae Y. Bandong
Sophia Mcklaine M. Dungo
Rugeal May Angeline N. Fabia
Hannah Michiko A. Tatlongmaria
Ana Katrina G. Zarate


The scope of this research would focus on working college students and their understanding of the relationship between financial statuses, workload and time management on their stress. Students ranging 18-25 years of age that are employed regardless whether full time or part time employee, and are currently enrolled in an educational institution will be given a survey. Unrelated data and variables will be disregarded. The other respondents which do not include in the said age range will not be part of the study. The results that the researchers will collect will be the foundation on determining the statement of the problem.