The comparative hypoglycemic effect of dendrobium anosmum (Sanggumay) ethanolic extract on glucose powder-induced Gallus galuus domesticus (Chick) embryo

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Grade 12


Hypoglycemic Agents, dendrobium, ethanolic extract, Glucose


This quantitative study sought to experiment on the viability of orchids specifically Dendrobium anosmum on lowering blood glucose levels for the purpose of providing alternative treatment or medication for Diabetes mellitus patients. Research statistics were collected from five treatment groups (T1, T2, T3, T4, T5) of dextrose-induced hyperglycemic chicken embryo on embryonic day 18 of development which all received glucose and Dendrobium anosmum treatment on day 12 prior to glucose level verification at the end of the experimental study. All data gathered were analyzed using ANOVA treatment. In total, T1 exhibited the most potent hypoglycemic property by lowering the blood glucose level to a value of 30 mg/dL. Other treatment groups correspondingly exhibited their hypoglycemic properties, reducing values of 70 mg/dL, 80 mg/dL, and 112 mg/dL. The findings therefore indicated that Dendrobium anosmum has hypoglycemic properties since it has significantly lowered blood glucose levels, at any given concentration.

First Advisor

James P. Rapanut

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