Date of Completion


Document Type

Capstone Project

Degree Name

Grade 12


banana, Angiogenesis, Chorioallantoic membrane, Phytochemicals


Saba bananas have very high amounts of starch and is an excellent source of vitamins A,B an C with fiver and iron. The contain antioxidants from the plant chemicals andhave been used as traditional antiseptic and anti0inflammatory for wound healing. In 2017, a study in the study of University of Alabama discovered that arterial effectiveness was affected by the potassium of bananas, this is related with angiogenesis or the generation of new blood vesels from pre-existing ones or vasculogenesis. This study aimed to: (1) determine the level of effectiveness of a Musa acumianta x balbisiana (Saba banana)peel extract as an angiogen, (2) determine if there is a significant difference in the angiogenic affect between the ripe banana peel and positive contrl in a 10-day old duct embryo, and (3) determine the most effective concentration compared to the negative control. The extract by maceration and diluted in water with 50% concentration which was then administrered to the 10-day old duct embryo, ANOVA and Tukey's test were both used for the statistical analysis. The results indicate that the ripe Musa acumiante x balbisiana banana peel have shown angiogenic effects as well as a significant difference.

First Advisor

Pauline L. Cueno