Review update on topical therapy for psoriasis

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Current Dermatology Reports


© 2018, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature. Purpose of Review: Studies show frequent usage but low adherence rates and poor satisfaction from topical therapy for psoriasis. These were attributed to low efficacy, inconvenience of application, and poor cosmetic quality for different body parts. Recent Findings: Multicenter surveys on patients suggest a two-way holistic approach, where patients convey what bothers them most and doctors explain how products address specific concerns. New rapid response targeted topical agents, in cosmetically acceptable preparations, applied less often, are undergoing efficacy and safety studies, ideally on large populations up to 1 year or more. Until available, this review addresses gaps in knowledge on how to maximize effects of emollients, used alone, with physiologic lipids, or as base for active topical therapy. Summary: Updates—on how psoriasis skin becomes itchy, red, dry, thick, and scaly from inflammation and barrier defects—explain clinical responses to the physical, chemical, and functional properties of psoriasis topical therapies.

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