Opportunities in Higher Education Amidst Health Crisis: A Mixed Method Approach

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Wesleyan Scientific Review


The world confronts significant hurdles in the event of a pandemic such as the COVID-19. The purpose of this research was to investigate the opportunities that nursing administrators faced in the Philippines' nursing education system. These findings were obtained via the use of an exploratory sequential mixed technique. Attendees included college of nursing administrators such as deans of nursing and clinical coordinators, RLE coordinators, and level coordinators of nursing education programs. This study used a questionnaire to determine the opportunities of nursing administrators and coordinators. Likewise, a semi-structured interview guide to acquire information from key informants on the pandemic's educational opportunities. During the COVID-19 epidemic, a survey was utilized to explore the many possibilities available to the respondents. Furthermore, a different approach was used to examine key informants' perspectives on nursing education opportunities qualitatively. The research made extensive use of theme analysis to uncover patterns in the ideas and emotions of the key informants. The study revealed that the three themes with the greatest frequency were professional growth, participation in webinars, research publishing, and learning. Nursing entrepreneurship was the other topic with the greatest frequency. Despite the widespread COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted everyone, several educational possibilities have been discovered. The fundamental ideas demonstrate that the ongoing health scenario does, in fact, have some favorable aspects.

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