Socio-Demographic Characteristics, Personality Traits and Stress Level of Senior High School Students

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International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning


Students involved with medical school are perceived as stressed because of the difficulties in the field. The study was conducted to determine the relationship between personality traits and stress level as the basis for developing counseling intervention for the students. This study utilized the descriptive correlational method. The study involved 1,003 senior high school students, with ages ranging from 15-20 years old. For the findings, the majority of the students are 16-17 years old. Females outnumbered male students. The average monthly family income was ₱50,001 to ₱100,000. Most students were living with two biological parents and one sibling. Senior high school students’ dominant personality types are extraversion and agreeableness. Also, the result revealed that the leading stressors centered on academic workload, anxiety, high expectation of parents and environmental concerns. In general, there was no significant relationship between personality traits and stress level. However, it was found that there is a significant positive correlation between the personality trait of neuroticism and the stress level of the students. Moreover, there is a significant negative correlation between the personality traits of extraversion, conscientiousness, and openness and stress level. Meanwhile, there is no significant and negative relationship between the personality trait of agreeableness and stress level.

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