Proposed transdisciplinary training program for teachers handling children with intellectual disability

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Academia LaSalliana: Journal of Education and Humanities


Transdisciplinary collaboration has been acclaimed as the best collaborative practice that can address the issues of coordinated service delivery among different professionals. However, supporting literature is limited. Thus, the main question is asked, “What training program anchored on transdisciplinary practice for teachers handling children with intellectual disability (CwID) may be proposed?” The conceptual framework was based on Context, Input, Process and Output (CIPP) model of evaluation. A convergent parallel mixed method design was used in the study. Total population, purposive and convenience type of sampling were utilized in which the respondents were eight (8) school principals and 66 special education teachers in Divisions of Imus City and Dasmarinas City, Cavite. The results revealed that transdisciplinary practice elements were “sometimes evident;” and the challenge elements were “challenging to a minimal extent” in the current practice of teachers. Also, teachers performed fair transdisciplinary collaboration considering both elements. SWOT analysis through focus group discussion also revealed that lack of collaboration between professionals was one of the highlighted weaknesses in the current practice of teachers. To address these challenges, TRANSCENDS, which means to rise above and stands for TRANSdisciplinary Collaboration towards Effective Nature of Delivery of Services, was proposed for teachers handling CwID.

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