The lived experiences of cyberbullied senior high school students: a United Arab Emirates case

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Psychology and Education


This research study intends to explore the cyberbullying experiences of selected students in a non-Arab High School institution in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). To carry out this intention, the researchers extracted themes in the narratives of lived experiences and analyzed transcribed interview data provided by 10 respondents who underwent a rigid pre-qualifying process of selection. The study is focused on the cyberbullying experiences of the students engaged in social networking sites in Dubai. The respondents of the study were Grade 11 and 12 senior high school students, age 15-18 years old, both male and female. Further, this study determined the emotional, psychosocial and cognitive needs presented by the respondents. The researchers used phenomenological, qualitative analysis of narrative data research design. Through purposive sampling method, ten students from the 100 targeted senior high school students were selected for in-depth interview. The participants were selected based on their experiences as a victim of cyberbullying like exclusion, denigration, masquerade, outing and discrimination. From the emerging themes, there were related theories presented in the framework focused on the emotional, psychosocial and cognitive needs of the victims of cyberbullying. The result of the study is conclusive as evident by victims of cyberbullying whose emotional, psychosocial and intellectual state of being were affected. However, they demonstrated willingness to form a support group to extend help to people of the same dilemma and further a more comprehensive and recommendatory approach on this study.

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